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Welcome to the Māori Land Online website

This website, originally launched in 2004, provides a snapshot of current ownership, trustee, memorial and block information for land that falls within the jurisdiction of the Māori Land Court under Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 and other legislation – this is primarily Māori Customary and Māori Freehold Land, but also includes, General Land Owned by Māori, Crown Land Reserved for Māori and some treaty settlement reserves, mahingā kai and fishing rights areas.

The site has three main searches each of which is set out below:

Owner Interest Search

Owner Interest Search
A search for interests held by owners and trustees in Māori Freehold Land or land that falls within the Māori Land Court’s jurisdiction.

Block Search

Block Search
A search for Land Blocks, Trusts and locations of land held by owners – this also includes a search by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) reference.

Map Search

Map Search
A visual map search of all Land Blocks in the Māori Land Court system in New Zealand and includes layers for Local and Regional Councils.
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Our pages now contain links to the Landcare Research Maori Land Visualisation Tool - which provides detailed soil and land usage information for Maori Land Blocks. You can view this through the block detail pages or by going directly to their site at

Please note that we do not maintain the Landcare site - and take no responsibility for their information or the availability of their site.