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About this site

The Māori Land Online site was originally launched by the Māori Land Court, Ministry of Justice in 2005 providing an online resource to Māori land owners and interested parties to search for land interests, block information, trust/reservation/incorporation information and memorial schedule entries.

In 2010 Māori Land Online underwent a major redesign resulting in a website that brings together data on Māori Land by matching the Māori Land Court Title information with the Title, Survey and Parcel information held by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). This data is then merged into a database and through the use of the Geographic Information System, Google Maps/Earth, is displayed both geographically and statically.

Māori Land data sourced from the Māori Land Information System is updated daily in Māori Land Online as changes are made by the Māori Land Court, thereby reflecting the affect of successions and title information as it is entered by staff of the Court, and data from Land Information New Zealand is updated on a monthly basis through the LandOnline bulk data extract provided by CoreLogic.

Unfortunately there will be cases were title data in the Māori Land Court Information system does not match that held by Land Information New Zealand - and vice versa. In such cases the parcels may be incorrectly displayed or not displayed at all, with an appropriate meesage indicating that no GIS data is currently available for that block.

With ongoing data matching and transmission of orders of the Court to LINZ, we expect the integrity of information in both systems increase over time, and therefore so too will the GIS data provided by this website.

If you have any enquiries in respect of any Māori Land parcels or interests in Māori Land presented on this site you can contact your local Māori Land Court Registry office for further assistance or if you enquiry is about any technical aspect of this site - such can be forwarded to the site owner.